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My name is Kris White.
I’m a copywriter and
digital strategist.
I enjoy the outdoors, surfing, guitar and physical books.
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Sesame Brand Voice Guide

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Love Is A Journey

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Sharis Berries

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Sony Electronics needed a digital strategy that maximized marketing efforts for the W Series Meb Edition Walkman. We needed to attract […]

Denver Learning Institute

Denver Learning Institute is a for-profit continuing education provider. Our team was given the opportunity to create […]

The San Diego Foundation

Our Greater San Diego Vision was an unprecedented civic engagement process to create a shared vision of the […]

The Perfect Pairing: Craft Beer + European Travels

The best pairings add a completely new perspective to each item, and the pairing of craft beer and European travels does just that.

Palm Springs

While the starry glitz of the old Palm Springs may seem to have lost some glam, the vibrant city is simply shining in a different light today...

10 surfing tips I wish I knew when starting out.

You’ll learn something new with every wave that you catch, don’t catch, fall on, fall off, think you caught but didn’t, let someone else have, or never saw coming—there’s always something to learn with each and every wave...

How to Cook Cedar Plank Salmon

Soak some cedar, fire up the grill and entertain your tastebuds with a sweet and smoky twist on grilled salmon...

Harry’s Razor Blades

It’s simply a better shave for a better man, conscious of quality and style. We’re offering gentlemen what they rightfully deserve—a classic, clean shave at an honest price...

Girls Love the Game

Comprehensive social strategy and messaging for a female-oriented NFL football website and social channels.

Ocean Beach Foods Co.

This Tikka Masala sauce is best served to close friends and family, paired with creative conversations, and finished with satisfied smiles.

Camping Tips for Couples

Immerse yourselves in the towering pines, awe-inspiring views and crisp air. You escaped the city for a reason, so let go of technology and connect with each other and your natural surroundings...


creme de la creme


My resume




Social Media


Digital Strategy




Design Direction


Account Management



Award Winning Copywriter.
1st Place: PRSA Mark of Excellence Award.

Write More Good by Wayne Geyer
Business Copywriting Workshop

2001 to 2005
San Diego State University
Bachelor of Arts, English


2014 – Present

Greenhaus Agency
Senior Copywriter

2013 – 2014
ProFlowers (Provide Commerce)
Lead Copywriter

2010 – 2013
Mth Degree Agency
Social Media Manager, Copywriter, Account Manager

2012 – Present
Girls Love The Game | Football
Copywriter and Social Media Manager

2009 to 2010
SDSU Research Foundation
Account Coordinator

2006 to 2009
MNA Consulting
Account Coordinator


The San Diego Foundation
Campaign Strategy, Social Media, Copywriting, Account Management

Sony Electronics
Campaign Strategy, Social Media, Copywriting, Account Support

Girls Love The Game | Football
Campaign Strategy, Social Media, Copywriting, Analytics

Denver Learning Institute
Account Management, Copywriting, Campaign Strategy

Eagle Creek


• Provides clear, compelling and persuasive messaging across print/digital channels, aligned with brand voice/tone style guide
• Provides turn-your-head, stop-and-think, attention grabbing copy that aligns with overall messaging goals
• Liases with clients and interpreting their briefs.

• Develops creative ideas and concepts, often in partnership with the art director.
• Presents ideas to colleagues and clients.
• Understands clients’ products and services, the target audience and their overall goals.
• Knows the importance of a clear call to action.
• Proofreads copy.
• Updates digital media.
• Offers solutions and updates to campaigns in response to feedback from the creative director, account team or clients.
• Able to work on several campaigns at once, sometimes under pressure and often to tight deadlines.
• Up to date with popular culture, trends, and technology.

Social Media / Digital Strategy / Analytics

• Strategizes holistic digital marketing campaigns that integrate all platforms: E-mail outreach, social media channels, blog content creation/publishing/pushing across digital platforms, all effectively driving to website sales (proven through analytics) using cohesive brand voice, messaging and calls to action.
• Brand messaging and copywriting with SEO consideration
• Lead social media team on comprehensive digital strategy, content creation and optimization, scheduling, analytics
• Deep knowledge of emerging social technologies and platforms to aggregate content, integrate social platforms, scale social/digital activation efforts and reporting tools

• Analyze and implement social tracking tools to learn and prove ultimate ROI through analytics
• Asset creation, graphic/text adjustments for backgrounds, avatars, cover images of each platform using InDesign, Photoshop
• Implement programs and tools to maximize time, effectivenness for posting schedules, social analytics, content reach, effective and optimized content, social influencer rank, etc.
• SEO implementation and optimization, metadata tags, active keywords, title tags
• Google Analytics active monitoring, fluid strategy and active response

Account Management

• Dissect the products, services and marketing requirements of each particular client
• Develop, implement integrated cross-media marketing strategies including web, social, email, video, web, broadcast, print and in-person that facilitate powerful communications with consumers

• Develop and implement project & marketing plans, mobilizing resources and activating marketing plan on-time and within budget to deliver ROI for clients
• Research and understand the clients’ products, business culture and competition and identifying opportunities
• Provide innovative thinking and presenting valuable ideas to the client
• Manage budgets and campaign costs
• Creation, presentation of marketing reports, including consumer segmentation profiles, brand promise and positioning audits and reports, survey and research analysis and campaign reports

You never have a second chance


“You never have a second chance to make a first impression”—My Dad
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Award Winning
Award Winning Copywriter.
2014 1st place winners for the PRSA Mark of Excellence Award.

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