My Top 5 Social Media Tools for Content Strategy

Are you looking for some social media tools to compliment your strategy? Tools that will increase reach, find valuable content to share, and manage your community?

As a Social Media Manager at a branding/marketing agency, I’ve tried more than a few social media tools. I don’t even want to know how many beta versions I’ve signed up for so far.

I’ve gathered some of my favorites so you don’t have to search. Don’t you just love lists? I don’t know what it is, but I almost always click on a “top 10″ list, and Buzzfeed’s lists don’t help. Except on Fridays. Or Mondays.

Without further adieu, some of my favorite social media tools:

Post Scheduling (and much more!): Buffer

A favorite among social media enthusiasts, Buffer lets you do just that—buffer your social media posts so you can schedule on a customized schedule. On the free plan, you can add one of each social media account, which is usually enough for individuals. If you manage more than a few, I highly recommend the paid version or only $10/month.

You can see an analytics dashboard for each account to see top-performing content, but the beauty lies in its app integration. Buffer works with other valuable apps, so you can adjust your posting schedule based on your Twitter followers, save pages from your web browser (and post immediately), or buffer content using apps such as Pocket or Feedly. What are those? Glad you asked…

Content Curation: Pocket

Think of Pocket as your cross-platform bookmarking tool. Simply install the web browser plugin and mobile app, and you’re ready to save interesting sites for reading (or sharing) later. Find an awesome top 10 list? With a one-click save, you can pull it up on your phone or computer and share to your followers.

So how do I use Pocket? I save any interesting URL—tweeted links, blog posts, news articles, or videos, then import them into my Buffer account. I’ve optimized my Buffer posting times using the @Tweriod app, so anything that I save into Pocket will be pushed out when my followers are the most active. It’s just a matter of using the tools available to optimize effectiveness.

Because I manage several accounts, I often run across interesting articles that would be appropriate for different accounts, so I use Pocket to save them all into one bucket, then schedule relevant posts for each account audience. Because of the “rabbit hole” nature of web browsing, you’ll come across useful things you weren’t searching for. Pocket is a great way to save those and share them to the interested audiences.

Content Curation: Feedly

Instead of spending precious time clicking around, just subscribe to your favorite websites/blogs in Feedly and you’ll have a one-stop shop to find all the latest articles. You can create lists for different subjects (i.e. Tech, Social Media, Copywriting) and easily filter by subject. It’s an easy place to check all of your favorite websites/blogs in one place, according to category, then push your favorite articles to Buffer for sharing later. Definite time saver.

Community Management: ManageFlitter

It’s important to maintain your Twitter community using Twitter lists and community management tools. I use these tools to see engaged followers, spam followers, best times to post, search for interesting accounts, all with a variety of search and sort filters. I’m always checking back at my followers and those I follow to continually refine and therefore see the most relevant, engaging tweets.


In a digital sea of information, sometimes we need a breather. I always encourage taking a quick walk and getting fresh air, to get fresh ideas. When you can’t get out, is the next best escape. Simply choose your relaxation time interval, choose your background (ocean sunset, springtime meadows, and other serene scenes). Put on your headphones, close your inbox, and just relax, if even for two minutes. It really does help to calm your senses and feel refreshed when you’re ready to dive back into work.


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